officialworldcup2014 asked:

When is the movie coming out?


Currently the film is being scheduled for theatrical release around the world. Full dates are still to be finalised but the following countries are already confirmed:

USA - 25th April (www.nextgoalwinsmovie.com)

Australia  - 1st May (http://www.acmi.net.au/lp_next_goal_wins.aspx)

UK - 9th May (www.facebook.com/nextgoalwinsmovie)

Follow us on facebook or twitter for more info!
Fa’afetai tele lava

Team NGW


rios-jonathanel7 asked:

If I were to visit Samoa, could I practice with you all?


Haha! If you visit to American Samoa, we’ll see what we can do!! It’s a long way to come for a kick-about though!


oliverocheva asked:

Will you have any screening in Sweden?


Yes we will!!! We don’t have full information yet but please follow www.facebook.com/nextgoalwinsmovie for more regular updates!


rsrasinjr asked:

Hello. Can you send me an email when you release the movie in London? I'm looking forward to seeing it but fear I'll miss it's release. Thanks. Steve


Hey there, official UK release will be 9th May! Follow www.facebook.com/nextgoalwinsmovie for more info! 

For more information about the film, to find a screening near you or to create a screening of your own, visit http://nextgoalwinsmovie.com/

Coach Thomas Rongen delivers his motivational speech to the squad before departure to Apia. 

And here comes the rain again. KB protects our modest unit base..

Oooh, it’s like a Terrence Malick movie.. kinda!